About the project

Non-profit project of the new solidarity action residence of the association “A Possibility of Life” in Myombwe (Tanzania).

I share information about the association. www.facebook.com/UPDV.ONG/

About us?
Una Posibilidad de vida is an NGO founded in 2020, with a headquarters in Palma, which aims to bring solidarity actions to combat poverty to an end.
The action of this NGO is directed to Tanzania (Myombwe), in order to build a house that can accommodate the Missionaries who are dedicated to training and helping the children of this area. It is also in charge of distributing  food to “without a roof” in Palma.
The soul of this project starts from the seed of optimism and the transformation of reality, not from guilt. We live the power to help from the Solution not from the problem.
A Possibility of Life born from the project of Xesca Sampol and the Missionary Antoine Lukinga, which permeated lighting , illusion to those who now form this NGO: Tina Sampol, Isabel Ferrer, Patricia Mir, Lluís Gelabert, Empar Rosselló, Paula Garcia and Antonia Homar.

What do we do?
We fight against illiteracy.
A Purpose of Life purposely so that the children of Myombwe can color an opportunity to get out of the slavery that ignorance supposes.
We fight hunger.
From A Possibility of Life we ​​try that Myombwe, both Missionaries and children, can have basic meals covered.
In Palma, the task of this NGO is to cook and distribute food among different homeless people.

What can you do?
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